We work with all types of budgets and landscapes. Whether your landscaping needs are in Bridgeport or the surrounding area, we can meet those needs. Please feel free to browse JJBM Irrigation Landscaping LLC website for a better understanding of what we offer.

Landscaping Service

Landscapes require both precision and creativity- both characteristics that we have at JJBM Maintenance Irrigation Landscape & Lighting. As experts, we integrate these elements accordingly. From idea, plan, to final solution, our team is ready to make your dream landscape a reality, today! Call us now.

Lawn Mowing Service

In order for your lawn to look great, it needs to be properly maintained. When it comes to maintenance, there is nobody better than our team for the job. We are ready to perform seasonal maintenance so that your lawn looks remarkable every day of the year, regardless of the season.

Mulching & Planting Service

Give your soil the proper nutrients for it to excel in beauty and health. It is only through mulching from JJBM Maintenance Irrigation LLC Landscape & Lighting, that you can help your soil retain moisture and more. Our specialists from JJBM Maintenance Irrigation Landscape & Lighting can help you mulch every corner of your landscape for greener results.

Sod Installation

Get the lawn that you have always desired. With JJBM Maintenance Irrigation Landscape & Lighting, that can happen today. Our professionals are qualified to handle all of your sod installations at a price that is fair for you. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with our team.

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